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Lists of Investors

Boost your fundraising with an outreach-ready list of active investors focused on your industry and stage.

List of investors

Custom-made list of active relevant investors for your startup fundraising

Accelerators, Angels, Syndicates, VCs
Angel, Pre-seed, Seed,
Series A
AI, AdTech, Healthcare, Logistics, EdTech etc.
Decision makers
Angel, Analyst, Associate, Principal, LP, GP
ex. San Francisco Bay Area
ex. 11 - 50 employees
23 data points
Unique, custom-made lists
CSV, Excel and Google Sheets
Verified emails and LinkedIn URLs
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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“Stop researching every aspect of it and reading all about it and debating the pros and cons of it … Start doing it.”

B2B Prospect List building done right

Unique & all yours

Every Prospects List is unique and made from scratch by our in-house data researchers.

Decision makers

Every prospect’s contact info is found manually and verified multiple times using our premium tools.

Fast & reliable

We don’t believe in waiting! Order your service and get the first delivery for QA in up to 24 hours.

Expert quality

Work only with top vetted SDRs and data researchers in your niche.

How it works

Submitting a questionnaire
Step 1


Submit a new request on the platform and fill in the questionnaire so we can build a list of investors matching your startup.

Quality check of the first 100 prospects
Step 2

Quality Assurance

Receive your first 100 prospects for quality assurance within 24 hours. Review and provide feedback.

Collecting a database using the best tools
step 3

Crafting Magic

Our team will continue using the best-in-class and most expensive databases and tools in the industry to get you the perfect list.

Prospect list final delivery
Step 4

Final Delivery

Receive your ready-to-use file to import into CRM or to launch  Email/LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

Service rating and feedback
Step 5


Rate your service delivery and share your honest feedback to help us improve!

Positive feedback from client


Max Goncharov from Cherry Home
Max Goncharov |  Cherry Home
“Prospectly has made it easy for our sales guys to focus on selling. Now we have reliable lists of caregiving agencies and facilities to work with and improved sales scripts to actually close them.”
Val Z from Diem Health
Val Z. |  Diem.Health
“Our sales team spent most of their time prospecting and getting new leads. Now they're busy 24/7 replying to new leads. Tony convinced me to give Prospectly a try, which turned out to be the greatest decision we've made in 2020 yet.”
Alex Kochetkov from Mubert
Alex Kochetkov | Mubert
“Tony and Co built a great sales strategy for Mubert when we made the pivot from the consumer market to the b2b / api. As a consultant, he helped organize the HR management process and key performance indicators.”
Roman Bura from Cyber Protocols
Roman Bura |  CyberProtocols
“We were frustrated with our pipeline and lack of meetings. Prospectly managed to create for us a constant flow of SQLs and helped us figure out the best way to explain our values to leads.”
Oliver H from Hypegrowth
Oliver H. |  Hypegrowth
“After working with Prospectly. It's first time we've started getting outstanding metrics from email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns. I am still amazed by their knowledge in the whole process.”